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Solution Before you want to post linkbucks on facebook

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Hello guys, are you want to post linkbucks URL's on facebook? But each would like to post on facebook linkbucks always blocked and this is the solution if you want to exchange traffic linkbucks URL'S of facebook.

The solution is you have to use another shortener service that or (pack of links)

Tutorial :
1. Start a new pack by adding a first URL :

2. Input pack title, Pack description, if you, input if you have a google adsense account, and add more URLs up to 50 URLs in the Pack!

3. If it is an add url scroll down CLICK Build The Pack Of Link

4. Your pack of links has been successfully created

4. Example my Pack Of links Please click Here

5. Screenshot Post on Facebook


Any questions please comment!
Solution Before you want to post linkbucks on facebook - written by Admin , published at 11:30 PM, categorized as Tips dan Triks , Triks Get Paid . And have 1 comment
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Ken Sharp
And then Facebook bans Duh...
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